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I have nothing to compare it to because I’ve only really been using it for 2 weeks but when I go to the front page, like a buyer, I’m kind of put-off by the instant sort of “spammy” appearance. It’s not like ‘Welcome to Fiverr, what are you looking for today? Here are some gig links in different areas.’ it’s ‘There are gigs here, have the same 15 on rotation on the front page and figure the rest out for yourself’. Like I’ve accidentally stumbled on to a page full of unwanted web ads… which is actually what it is, but there could at least be a little more elegance to it.

I really like the category/search detail they’re putting in to make searching easier for buyers. The portfolio function is great too (I’m not sure if it was the same before, but it’s good stuff).

Do you have screen captures of how it used to look?

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