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Can any one explain difference between "clicks from impressions" and "Total pageviews"


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Guest laughingcrow

I believe that Clicks from Impressions is when your Gig shows up in their search results, and pageviews is when your actual Gig is clicked. It’s possible if a lot of people find your Gig and bypass the search - such as from the front page, a google search or directly from your “store page”.

If the number is rising very high, it might even be it’s on someone’s favorite lists, or bookmarks, and might get opened when these people open their browser (unlikely, but one can hope!)

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i agree with @laughingcrow because if your total pageviews are growing there could be something wrong with your gigs. This means a lot of people are clicking on your gigs but on conversion to sales. here are some steps that you can take to improve your sales:

  1. Write effective copy
  2. Use keywords wisely
  3. Use a video
  4. Tr to be different in terms of providing something extra other than the competitors or anything a bit more unique.
  5. Try to add a good looking picture of yourself!
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