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My Gig Impression goes down even after getting orders - Please help me.



As a new seller on Fiverr, I've recently had the opportunity to complete 9 orders, receiving positive feedback with 8 reviews, all rated 5 stars.

However, I've realized that after making some slight edits to my gigs, possibly for improved performance, two of them seem to be experiencing a decrease in impressions. This has become a cause for significant concern on my end. Before these adjustments, I was receiving a satisfactory amount of impressions and clicks, but now I've noticed a decline.

I'm seeking guidance to understand where I might have gone wrong. Is it advisable to make edits to a gig after fulfilling 2-3 orders? Could this have disrupted the organic growth of my gigs? I'm genuinely uncertain about the next steps to take.

Any insights or advice on how to proceed would be immensely appreciated.


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