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  1. Understanding the project or providing a work update through a video is the best way to ensure clients' understanding. Are there any restrictions regarding sharing the video? If not, which video tool would you recommend for best performance? Which tool do you currently use?
  2. Contact Fiverr support and provide a clear explanation of your issue. Expect to receive assistance within 12 hours.
  3. Thank you, Vickieito, for your invaluable guidance. It helped me to understand video call terms. I am deeply grateful for your support and expertise.
  4. Fiverr doesn't support asking for a review, which makes sense. However, what about showcasing their project in my portfolio? Can I request permission from my client for this? Or could asking for this also potentially cause issues with my account? As I haven't requested this before, I only have one portfolio available in my account where I have received 11 5-star reviews. Should I request it? What steps can I take to enhance my portfolio showcase? Please assist me in understanding the correct approach.
  5. Thank you for your time to share this valuable insight. It truly helps me to clear my confusion.
  6. Thank you for your time to share this valuable insight. It truly helps me to clear my confusion.
  7. Thank you, Vickieito, for your valuable guideline. I truly appreciate it. The video icon becomes available once the order is placed and can be found on the order page. Since you're a Seller Plus Program member, can you access this option before placing an order? Thank you Vickieito.
  8. One of my clients invites me to join a meeting outside Fiverr (Meet) to discuss the project. In this case, what should I do? Should I join the call? As I know Fiverr doesn't allow joining meetings outside the platform, I declined to join. So the client went away. What is the best way to do in this type of case?
  9. Learn it from Fiverr. On this website, you will get very well-optimized guidelines for everything you need to know - help.fiverr.com Check this link from Fiverr
  10. Learn from others Make connections Stay in the loop Solve problems
  11. Fiverr is great because it has an extensive number of clients.
  12. Hi, As a new seller on Fiverr, I've recently had the opportunity to complete 9 orders, receiving positive feedback with 8 reviews, all rated 5 stars. However, I've realized that after making some slight edits to my gigs, possibly for improved performance, two of them seem to be experiencing a decrease in impressions. This has become a cause for significant concern on my end. Before these adjustments, I was receiving a satisfactory amount of impressions and clicks, but now I've noticed a decline. I'm seeking guidance to understand where I might have gone wrong. Is it advisable to make edits to a gig after fulfilling 2-3 orders? Could this have disrupted the organic growth of my gigs? I'm genuinely uncertain about the next steps to take. Any insights or advice on how to proceed would be immensely appreciated.
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