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I am new on Fiverr


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Hi everyone.

i have been on freelance writing for female magazine which also includes female related topic, examples are Obesity, Pregnancy; dating and the likes. I have written various press reviews for politicians both in colleges and in various communities. So recently, i decided to join Fiverr and within hours, i got my First message from a seller asking me to give Him/Her a sample article for free before he starts business with me. I am a professional writer and i am not an emotional one one who does her work based on passion and not money. But instead of coming out straight to me he decided to use deceptive methods that would not help the both of us.

Please buyers lets be sincere in all we do, because for someone that is into writing quality articles for you to enjoy and which would be SEOptimized i think you should be sincere and take us serious.


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Welcome to Fiverr, and sad to see you have a negative experience this soon. Don’t worry though, you’ll soon have much better customers.

It’s often tricky when people as for free articles, translations, samples or “tests of your ability” because that can easily turn into making you do work for free. I had similar cases in the past, and I always say that I do not do free tests; either pay for a Gig or if you insist I will translate a random online newspaper article I choose, so you can gauge my style and ability.

You can trust buyers, but be aware of tricks that are used to make you give them free work:

  • Claiming others on Fiverr will do it, to peer-pressure you into accepting
  • Claiming that it is a must for quality (and not accepting the translated article)
  • Claiming that they have “many orders waiting” but just need the test done
  • Making claims that they are renowned institutions, big companies, or the like. This can’t really be proven, because you are not allowed to contact each other outside of Fiverr so you can’t check whether that link to their corporate website is who they say they are.

    Stay strong, and keep faith in your quality and skill - you will attract the good and reasonable buyers while repelling the tricksters and leeches!
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Welcome to the fiverr. If buyer want a sample then you should give him/her your old articles which you write for others. Never give what buyer ask. like an article on Health. Don’t give him/her that article just send him/her your previous work.

If he/she interested in your work or articles then they will surely help you.

I hope you will find me answer helpful.

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@bringme2life, thanks and am happy for your support. Oh! laughingcrow, wow, thanks for the profound advice and i hope to get the best of fiverr soon. hassanak, ok i would do just that.

"Hi , I am interested in your content writing service. can you please send me couple of sample work before i place an order? actually i am looking for writer for guest post article. Thanks"

I guess this buyer is serious, but i just cannot reply the message because it says i am not able to reply this seller for privacy reasons. Anyone with any idea should please offer it.

Thanks in advance.

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