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Is it spam or! !!πŸ˜‘


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So I got my very first msg on fiver after months of trying and optimizing gig. So happy.

I Offer Paid Social Media Services.

In the course of our conversation, the buyer sent me a file containing what he claimed to be all the necessary information about his business. The file was in .rar format, and to my surprise, it included executable files such as .exe, .bat, and .bat.exe.

Immediately, I became suspicious, drawing from a past experience on a different freelance platform where a similar situation turned out to be spam. The buyer was subsequently blocked on that platform, and I had to reset my account.

This serves as a reminder to always stay vigilant. Avoid running unfamiliar executable files on your computer. Instead, opt for online platforms to open and examine such files. Stay safe, everyone!

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