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Do a design for someone, who offer designs for his clients. Legal?


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I do a design for someone who offer designs for his clients. When he gets an order, he directly instructs

a designer to the work, HE SHOULD DO. So he pretend to be the designer of MY logos!

the name of this boy is malikgt .

After i do a several of design, he always interrupt the order progress and says "This is not what i want"

On the other side, i do good design for happy clients.

What should i do?

He won’t to pay me.

Only the fonts cost 50$ , never mind the logo.

So please give me a clue to fix this problem.

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He is doing the “middle man”, buy cheap and sell for more, when you get a buyer like that you have to be very clear about what you can do and what not, how many reviews…

Don’t start working on gigs till you get the order from buyer first, you don’t want to work for free!

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ask him to pay for fonts… never deal with a middleman. if he is rude, simply don’t respond.

i had my share of experience with middlemen, problem is when at the moment they accept it, and later on expect changes on a finished order. then timings become an issue.

i see you are new seller, so may be you will have to bear all these things for a while.

but it’s never wrong to be paid for your effort.

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