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New sellers have no opportunity


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It's a lot harder than in the past, and I am also a new seller right now, so I know the struggle. Honestly, you have to be patient, and hopefully, if you optimize your gig properly, you should be able to get at least a few orders from Fiverr advertising it themselves. Also at the end of the day advertising it on social media may help get some exposure. Good luck!

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24 minutes ago, ihtishamkhan137 said:

New sellers have no opportunitty now .

Well many new seller disturb older sellers like me and they send a lot of spam. They don't even create a gig, but they ask for work, and they are quite aggressive about that. They don't take the time to learn the rules, they barely have any skills, but they want to make easy money. It's very difficult for any seller to generate sales these days, especially due to AI.

That's why it's become more and more important to offer high quality services and differentiate yourself from all the other sellers. Promoting gigs is possible only after Fiverr sees a good track record for the gig, that's why you need to have some sales, for Fiverr to see you don't just take orders and scam/refund people randomly. 

There is a lot of opportunity, it all comes down to how you work as a seller and what value you offer. If you have a service that thousands of people offer, obviously it's hard to generate sales. That's why you need to be creative, stand out of the crowd. Think of it as a real business, there are already 30 restaurants or more in your region. You are opening another restaurant, so what are you bringing different in order for people to choose you over the other restaurants?

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