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I've encountered a buyer who's non-responsive after placing an order. How should I proceed to complete the project?


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I'm facing a situation where a buyer has placed an order but has become non-responsive afterward. Despite my attempts to communicate and seek clarifications on their project requirements, I haven't received any response from them for a significant period of time.

I'm concerned about the order's completion and maintaining my delivery timelines. What are some effective steps or strategies I can take to handle this situation? How should I proceed to ensure that the project is completed satisfactorily while also protecting my reputation and adherence to Fiverr policies? Any insights or experiences you can share would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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1. Request a delivery extension and it will be automatically approved after 48 hours if the buyer takes no action. This way, you will get enough time to deal with this bad experience and it will not affect your other active orders (as you will not be distracted).

2. If the project requirements are clear to you and the buyer has already submitted the details, you should proceed with the work and submit the delivery. On the other hand, if the requirements are not 100% clear to you, wait for a few days (as you have already extended the delivery time), and if the buyer still does not respond, request a cancellation from the Resolution Center and the order will be automatically cancelled after 48 hours (in case of no response from the buyer), and then you can contact the customer support and they will fulfill your Order Completion Rate and other metrics.

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