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Fiverr Disappointed Me my account Is Under Review my Gig Is Not Available


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There is A guy Who Requested Service From Me Who we meet on Facebook I gave him my Fiverr Gig He placed order and within 48h I delivered He's order He even Gave me my 5start Rating he later Whatsapp Me To sell him the method I used I told him I don't sell and I referred Him to someone else who is From Pakistan like him The Guy Sold him The script and After he got the script He Started Telling me He already have the script and he want his $10 back I told him To request From the guy who he sent Through Easy paisa because I'm not the Guy who received the money I even contacted the guy To refund him and he didn't refund I told him To contact Easy paisa And request Refund or Take legal action Against the guy who he sent to since they are both from Pakistan and might be easy ,that's When he started Threatening mean about he will make sure my Fiverr Account will be banned And when he reported me to Fiverr, please Fiverr I read All Your rules and I'm sure I haven't Broke any I didn't redirected Anyone To talk to me Outside Fiverr you can Confirm that, Or I never sold anything I referred the guy you can also confirm By request the Guy To send Screenshot of the payment and verify With my KYC to see If I'm The One who received matter fact The Guy who Received the money Told me he has Refund him. Please let this guy Not Get my account Banned I can share all proof that I never sell something to the guy and I never told him we communicate outside Fiverr, Please Don't let Guy destroy My Fiverr account 🙏

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