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What was ARS suppose to do?


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I think Fiverr’s line was it was suppose to reflect ratings better – in other words the cream of crop gigs would come to the top.

But from what I have read on the forum, all it seems to of done is allow buyers to reflect their mood at the time

1- had a bad day at the office – you only get 3 stars

2 - you wore the wrong lipstick color in the testimonial – 2 stars

3 - no one is perfect - 3 stars

4 - just had a fight with my spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or friend so i’m only in the mood for 2 stars.

and so on.

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steveeyes said: Do you think that ARS Fiverrs sales pitch was legit or do you think there is a hidden reason for Fiverr doing this that they are not letting us know about?

Honestly I don't think there's a hidden reason or anything like that. I just think some "genius" joined the team and wanted to acknowledgement for his/her existence. In all honesty though, yes, the system is a pain in the but. But, I don't think it has done anything to hurt my sales. It's rare to get a bad rating, just like with the thumbs.

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