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Can Elementor Loop builder Build custom car listings?


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Hello @gem_feeds

Yes, you can use Elementor Loop builder with Advanced custom field to make exactly same loop or your can use Elementor Custom Skin ↗ (WordPress plugin repository).

But you may need to do some custom to code automatically covert price from currency to currency, if you want to add multiple price from your posts then you don't have to do any custom codes.


If need any help or info just tag here!

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Definitely!!  You can create custom car listing using elementor loop system.

You should use these plugins:

CPT(Custom Post Type): that helps you to create castom field such as, price,size,model, and so on

ACF(Advance custom field): that helps you to make dynamic your website:

Elementor Custom Skin: That helps to make you grid customly. 


Thank you.

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