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Fiverr rep says my gig appears but I still don't see it in search results


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Hi! My Fivver seller name is LifeinFlight, and I have a gig called “I will turn you into a lovely fairy illustrated by Cicely Mary Barker.” I put this gig in the Graphics & Design >Illustration category. I’ve had one 5 star rating from a buyer who purchased the gig.

I have searched for my gig many times but never found it in the above category. I look in High Rating, Recommended and New but it never appears. I emailed a Fiverr rep about this who replied and told me that “it appears” with a snapshot of it, but I still can’t find it myself.

Could you take a look in the Graphics & Design > Illustration category and tell me if you find it anywhere? It has a photo of two young fairies with their arm around each other, sitting on an apple tree .

Thank you!

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I just did a search for “lovely fairy” and “fairy illustrated” and found it both times.

Although, there are two concerns I have about your gig:

  1. Are you potentially infringing any copyright by using her artwork?

  2. Think about what your potential buyers might be searching for. I think people are more likely to search for words like “fairy photoshop”.
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Guest celticmoon

Welcome @lifeinflight, I’m afraid @emilyrose93 is correct about the copyright issue. Unless you outright own Ms. Baker’s images which you have posted AND have a license to earn money from their use, you’re breaking copyright laws. This includes any graphics or images used to represent your gigs, too.

Fiverr doesn’t manually review every gig. They’re screened by software to catch the most glaring issues. But in the Terms of Service, they state that members are expected to have the legal right to sell whatever it is they are selling.

Unfortunately, this is a fairly common problem on Fiverr. People use celebrity’s images, other photographer’s photos or other artist’s works thinking it’s okay “because everybody else does it”, but that excuse won’t save them (or you) from a lawsuit or fines, if caught. It’s actually a big deal if you’re using those things to make money, not just posting a fairy on your personal web page to decorate it (which is still illegal).

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