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Suspicious number sends OTP



While trying to log in on the Fiverr website, I selected the option to get the verification code by SMS.

It blew my mind when i got just 6 digit code from a mobile number: +919875491408. Nothing else was written in the SMS.

I tried once again, and now I got the SMS from another mobile number: +919369582595. It also contained just the 6 digit code, no mention of Fiverr.

This is unusual as I have never got the code from any mobile number.

I used to get the SMS from number like 51401. The SMS used to contain the code with the message:

Your Fiverr verification code is:..............

I just want to know is it something to be concerned about?

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These systems uses automated pools of virtual numbers. Often, longer numbers are cheaper, so there's more of them used for things like OTPs. 

If you requested the OTP and it came, you shouldn't be worried. Since you're not in fact providing any information to third parties outside of Fiverr when entering it, it can't do any harm, and scammers wouldn't get anything out of it. If you're sure you visited the real Fiverr website to log in in the first place, you're safe, even if the OTP comes from a weird virtual number. 

The other day I got a call from a Google customer representative from a 15-digit number in Estonia. 🤣

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