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33 minutes ago, sk_saifullah1 said:

You have to do marketing and be active in fiverr form to get more and more orders.

Stop posting incorrect information.  If you don't know the answer then don't make it up for the sake of forum badges.

Being active on the Fiverr forum has no benefit in getting sales on the main Fiverr plaftorm. 

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6 minutes ago, try_sha said:

I am a little confused is fiverr forum effective for newbie to get his/her FIRST order or not....

You can learn a lot on the forum, if you don't follow the parroted stuff (like "do marketing" without any explanation how, or "be active"), or ChatGPT answers. But simply being active on the forum doesn't bring you orders.

In all my time on Fiverr (almost 9 years), there were maybe 4 or 5 cases when people noticed me on the forum and bought from me...but none of those was my first order. I was already an established level 2 seller by then.

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