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Is this even allowed?




I few weeks ago I worked with a reseller. Not the greatest experience, to say it politely. When I was working with him I did try to cancel the order because we had a few inconvenients, and I didn't want that experience to become worse. However he refused the cancellation and accepted my work, saying I did need to get paid. 

My funds have cleared, everything's okay regarding payment and no sketchy refund tactics happened.

However... I found out the reseller uses my work with very few relevant changes. What's more, he watermarked it as his.

I can't exactly post my video and his video here for obvious reasons. This guy just changed some scenes and added some others, and text.

Not long ago Fiverr added a rule which stated that reselling without modifications was not allowed. Would this be considered a significant modification or not? What can I do about the money that was already cleared? 

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The other seller who is reselling YOUR content is the one at fault. You have done nothing wrong. What a buyer chooses to do with your work once you've completed it is out of your hands. Without seeing the videos, it's hard to say whether it is considered different enough, also, but I wouldn't worry about it. Any repurcussions should fall on the reseller, rather than yourself.

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