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Universal SMS Notification System Integration (USNS)


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Hi Lords Of Fiverr,

The next paramount integration to take life on Fiverr to a New GREAT level is to add SMS notification system to Fiverr!

No any other related site is yet to do it nor have I suggested it to.

The main benefit of this is that it would enhance speed delivery in a new dimension and thereby makes life easier for both the buyer and seller. No this will never hinder the activeness of sellers.

The feature could be free or paid. If paid then, sellers should have the options to activate notification s for:

  1. Order received, Order Update and Order Completion

  2. Message Received

    The minimum amount to activate the feature will be $1 and charge for each sms if possible will be 0.5 Cent that is half of 1Cent and if not possible, 1 Cent at most

    Now the News Headline about this Integration will be

    Life On Fiverr Just Get Easier Ever More as Fiverr Now Introduces SMS Notification For Buyers And Sellers…learn more
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