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Posting Requests >>> Briefs?



I was getting around a new draft of artists and what I used to do is set out a request and had many, many, many people signing up. While it costs a lot of time to sift through, almost all artists that I still work with to this day I've found through this system. However, it seems to have gone away since I didn't need to use it for some time now. I wanted to find new people to work with so I tried making a request that has now become a brief. I seem to have less amount of possible pictures/references/examples that I can attach than I used but that should not be too bad. However I sent it, and poof it's gone into the aether, no idea who is seeing it, how many, or how often someone sees it. It is now just a waiting game in which I have virtually no control over who is able to reply or see it.

Now comes to the ruder part I suppose

I used to asses the artist previously through a one-sided system they essentially apply I visit their gig or page and either delete their response clean up the list then finally end up with 3-8 people and go from there now. Again not to be rude but many artists I have no interest in artwise, style-wise, or capability-wise.  Now I get strangers that are flooding my inbox with all kinds of well not useful messages or offers. I asked for an illustration yet a logo design artist is responding to my brief, why? why is this a thing? Also, I have no idea how many people are viewing the brief, if I can cancel it or how long it lasts or any other valuable metric from a business or simple use standard this is either atrocious or should be made way clearer to find if there is even such a page or general overview. I may be missing something here but this system as far as it is seems very amateurish. The niceness was I could send a ping that I can myself choose to look into when I had the time to acquire overtime possible artists instead of people clambering the inbox that take up time and who are most often pardon my rudeness useless to my brief. Especially with art since it is so personal to what the buyer would like to see (ergo me). This is not a bring the old system back question but more an overall one, how can I even see if the brief is doing its potential work? and how do buyers work now a days.

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