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My first $ 1000 on Fiverr


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Hello everyone

I’m on Fiverr 4 months ago and already I am rich $ 1000. At first I did not believe, I just wanted to test. I remember when I got my first order, my heart was beating too hard. and when I had a good understanding, I was very happy.

I learned a lot from Fiverr:

1 - My English has improved.

2 - How to be patient especially with clients who require more

3 - … and many other things

Thank you Fiverr. And good luck to everyone.


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Reply to @hannan4: Hi

It there’s a French saying: “So many authors, so many definitions.” You have several Gigs and no sale, which is frowned upon by the buyers. My advice (if you agree) is to reduce the number of Gig first, and put Gigs, that put your skills as a designer in relief.

good luck

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Hi, I have been a fiverr user as a graphic designer for about two months. At the start orders were rolling in fast and soon I was promoted to level one and earned a 100$. Since the day I reached level one, orders have almost disappeared and I get only one or two orders per week. Why is that? How can I improve?



Fiverr: Graphics, marketing, fun, and more online services for $5


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