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Gig denied after editing extra



Hello everyone. A few days ago, my top selling gig was denied. The gig was about spell casting, love spells to be specific. The email sent to me said:

"Unfortunately, we had to remove your Gig as this type of service is currently not supported in our catalog"


Which I didn't quite understand because Fiverr has a category for both spell casting and love spells.

So I did contact the customer support, expecting further details. Even though I contacted them multiple times to be more specific, they gave me similar reasons, like;


"The service that you are offering through that gig is not supported in our catalog according to our internal guidelines"


I am having a hard time understanding what was considered outside of the catalog in my gig. The gig was removed once I made a small change in the description of a gig extra. I did use the word "se*ual" in the new description, so I thought maybe it triggered something in the system.

Any advice would be appreciated.


From google cache:


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