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So i am new to fiverr.


I get my first order which is of 5 days.


I sell formulation. I  send the formulation and revision and pictures in 3 days  via message ,and then at last day my friend said oh you have to start time and deliver the work on delivery page and start the time so i did.


Buyer ask for revision again for pictures and i send again he revises again and it starts the time of 5 days and i told him "when i send you everything on message you don't said a work and ask me to revise and he said i need one more week to check i said you are playing games and he said if you put delivery again it you hurt your review.


So i have an option to do anything? If he don't put order as complete ? Do it have bad impact because he can put revision as much as he wants.



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You can redeliver and he might give you a bad review, or you can cancel the order and avoid the bad review but you won't get the money.

Generally, don't ask clients "are you playing games" - even if they're rude doesn't mean you should be unprofessional. That's just asking for a bad review.

Always try and be polite and respectful and just follow the rules of the site.

Next time, you should say "sorry, I can't extend by another week, Fiverr gives you 3 days to check the delivery. The revision button can only be used to make changes to the order, not to extend the review time."

Just be polite and quote the rules of the site if buyers try to take advantage of you. If you need to, ask Fiverr customer support for help. But don't be unprofessional, that's not going to gain you anything other than a bad review.

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