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What are the trending situation and how turning the freelancing industry to link the global relationships


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Thanks for the reading this and your ideas about this, i think freelancing industry will play very vital role among the all industries due to wide expansion of the technology

specially Asian countries and African Countries involving to the industry due to using new fast internet accesses and increasing other technological background like software development, open source programmes etc.

also it will help to minimize paper waste, fuel waste and help to get easy and fast service to clients. i think well reputed companies can get new sellers for and also new client can get service from well reputed sellers under any category due to the nature of freelancing industry. it is inspired society to use electronic payment methods and help to increase sustainability, minimize miss uses etc

Finally i think freelancing industry will spreading to very advanced industry like software development, information technology, scientific calculations, artificial intelligent and transports. Most of part time freelancers will become a full time freelancers. 


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