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still not get my first order after 6 month.


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A few things stand out to me: 

You claim to be fluent in English, yet your profile description, gig descriptions and this post, clearly tells a different story. Your profile has typos, mistakes and wording a fluent person would never use. Lying about your skills does not work. 

You're charging five bucks. Fiverr doesn't like five-dollar gigs. It screams of low quality and no true professional would even consider working for five bucks. 

Take a look in your category. Not a single gig in the first few rows at five dollars: 


The Fiverr algorithm won't be your friend when selling for five bucks. 

Unlimited revisions = a bad idea. That, combined with selling for five bucks, will attract the worst buyers on the platform. It also sets you up to become the victim of buyers who will force you to work for free. 


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