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Sellers right should be protected

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Hello friend I need your help concerning this. 

A Client message me on July 21 for a job which is uploading his app on my play console after agreement I uploaded his app on my console. 

On July 23, at 9:16 AM I delivery my client project with an image that shows my client app was live on play store in which my client gave me a good rating and a good comment. (If I have not done my client Job he won't have rate me or gave me good comment). My client went and was use the app in which there was no issue for more than two days.

On Jul 30, 2022, at 10:07 AM Google team sent me a message that my client app has violated google policy in the sense that there was another app with the same name and logo on play store.

I immediately inform my client in the chat inbox in which my Client accused me of removing his app. I provided proof but my client said he will  reported me in which he did and the order was Cancelled without proper investigation.

My client app named Tachiyomi from July 23 to July 30 has a total number of 1.85k user who are using the app 

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