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Received a warning as TRS. There's no "!" mark in the analytics page nor on my mobile app, will I be demoted by the next evaluation?

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Greetings Fiverr's Community,


This is Waleed Shahid, I am currently a TRS seller, I yesterday received a warning for a partial delivery (questionable, in talks with the fiverr's team). Setting that aside, I would like to hear more clear and expert opinions If I am going to be demoted by the next evaluation. I see there're many mixed opinions for this, even the warnings article says that If you receive upto two warnings, you will receive a demotion (warnings of different types).

This is just as related to this example: 
If I were a level 1 seller, and I had received a warning, will I be demoted to level 0 or NOT promoted to level 2, the latter one is inevitable as I cannot be promoted while being warned, but the point is, will I be demoted?


I thankyou for reading this through!



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