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Seller online availability from app

Sellers online availability  

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  1. 1. Is it successful waiting online from the Fiverr app?

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10 minutes ago, yondec_studios said:

I want to know Can I be online from the Fiverr app? 

If buyers turn on the online filter, Will we be shown to them?

Yes. You can check this by yourself too. Go to Buying on fiverr and try to find your gig page. ( If your gig is not ranked yet and difficult to find from the buying view, try to add filers with seller level, seller country, gig keywords and etc. ) Once you locate one of your gigs in Buying view, first open the Fiverr app on mobile and refresh the webpage at the same time on web. You'll see you are online. And then close the Fiverr app and refresh the web again. You'll see you are offlne.

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