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Waiting for my gig video to be processed


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I’ve posted a couple of voice over gigs so far with videos. I haven’t got any sales yet, so I thought I would post a third gig advertising a different type of voice over that I offer. Well, its been a week now & it is still showing that my video is being processed. Now the first gig that I posted, I ran into the same issue. When that happened, I contacted customer service & they told me that my gig had to be activated. So after I did that, within 24 hrs. it was on there. My second gig that I posted, when I uploaded the video that I made for that one, everything went fine & within 24 hrs. that video showed up. So with my third gig, I put together the gig description & uploaded the video I made for that one, then I activated it. After about 3 days of it still saying that the video is being processed, I messaged customer service. Well, I haven’t heard anything back this time & now its been a week. My video is still showing that it is being processed.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I was thinking about just going into where it shows that I can edit my video & re-uploading it.

My fiverr page is http://www.fiverr.com/dansvoiceovers in case anyone wants to check them out.

Since I haven’t got any sales yet, if anyone wants to offer any suggestions for any changes that I may need to make, it would be appreciated.

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