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Hey there! I'm from Holland and I must admit I'm not very knowledgeable about different kinds of taxes (e.g. sole proprietorship). I don't know if your case is similar to mine, but in the case of Fiverr I simply requested my 'Statement of Earnings'. 

Under the tab "Income from Other Work" there's a specific description for "Income from the Internet" where I filled in the yearly amount. 

I'm not registered at the KvK, so I don't have a VAT number (in Holland that's the BTW number), that you might in fact have. Perhaps I wrongly filled in my tax returns 😅 but my tax return got approved so I believe in my case it's correct (and sadly caused me to pay extra since I didn't pay any taxes on my earnings, but that's how living in a country works haha). 


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On 5/28/2022 at 6:55 PM, crazybob5 said:

Hello Dutch colleagues,

I've been researching Fiverr earnings and taxes for a while now. I have a sole proprietorship, but I don't know whether I have to pay VAT or income tax. How do you do that?

Hallo Bob, 

Momenteel zit ik met hetzelfde 'probleem'. Mag ik vragen hoe jij dit uiteindelijk hebt aangepakt? 

Met vriendelijke groet, 


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