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Dutch Taxes



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Hey there! I'm from Holland and I must admit I'm not very knowledgeable about different kinds of taxes (e.g. sole proprietorship). I don't know if your case is similar to mine, but in the case of Fiverr I simply requested my 'Statement of Earnings'. 

Under the tab "Income from Other Work" there's a specific description for "Income from the Internet" where I filled in the yearly amount. 

I'm not registered at the KvK, so I don't have a VAT number (in Holland that's the BTW number), that you might in fact have. Perhaps I wrongly filled in my tax returns 😅 but my tax return got approved so I believe in my case it's correct (and sadly caused me to pay extra since I didn't pay any taxes on my earnings, but that's how living in a country works haha). 


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