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Fiverr Anywhere and Quora, Can't find information anywhere!

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I'm new to Fiverr, looking for more ways to connect with clients and increase business. Fiverr suggests to check out Quora and Fiverr Anywhere, but I can't seem to find it here on the site?! Has anyone used this ,or know how I can find it here?  Thanks! 😉


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I think here on Fiverr you only have 3 ways to connect with clients.
01. By creating attractive GIG. Maximum 7 for a new account.
02. By sending buyer requests. Maximum 10 requests per day. You can find this option on the "Nav bar", Click on "More", then go to "Buyer Request".
03. By marketing your gig on various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. But make sure that you will do this marketing to your targeted group of people who need your help. Then it's a higher chance that you will be benefited.

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After reading @mariashtelle1's answer, I reread that question & realize that my previous answer wasn't what the questioner was looking for. It's my bad. I thought that the question was just about "the more ways how to connect with clients". Sorry again.

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