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  1. While reviewing your gig, I noticed the title states, 'I will write a professional and responsive website for you,' Could you please provide a clarification on the specific services you are offering? If your intention is to provide professional content for websites, it would be beneficial to articulate that in your gig description. This will ensure clarity for potential clients and enhance the effectiveness of your gig. Thank you for considering this suggestion as you refine your gig details.
  2. You can contact the Fiverr Help Center by opening a ticket here, https://www.fiverr.com/support_tickets/
  3. Provide something of value when contributing, instead of just spamming 'good / thanks / congratulating'. If you want to say 'thanks', or congratulate or just like the content, you need to be using the emojis / reactions that are available already.
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    Hello there, It's advisable to maintain a level of professionalism in addressing others. Using terms like 'brother/bro/dude' may not align with the professional tone expected here. He doesn't get anything negatively. Just want to highlight that accurately representing your English proficiency is important. & it also represents your honesty level. No one forced you to put your English level as 'Fluent', while the reality is, you are still learning. That's it. It would be best if you rethink about your honesty and loyalty. Thank you & take care.
  5. Be active when you're actually doing something on the site (like creating or editing gigs, or checking out your competitors, or doing orders, or responding to messages). When you have nothing useful to do on the site, do something useful somewhere else. Hope this article helps you,
  6. After a gig has been created and published, the URL cannot be modified for a second time. Users are required to either utilize the existing URL or opt to delete the current gig and create a new one, specifying the desired URL during the creation process.
  7. ...maybe active for advising others to "be active"!
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