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Gig Down Without any reason from the last 2 Months


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Hello there,☺️ 
Good day! I hope you are well.✌️I have been working at Fiverr Since June 2020 & in the meantime, I have completed 245 projects, where I got 188 5-star reviews & at two projects, I got four stars review. My selling price was $30.32, Rated Orders 77% 😁

For each month, I was trying to take 8/15 orders for each gig from my repeated clients & new clients.✌️ I was trying to send 10 buyer requests daily basis & Sharing the link on LinkedIn and Twitter to get back my gig, but it is a matter of sorrow that my gig impression & click wasn't up to the mark. 😭😭
Also, Maintain these standards to remain a Level Two Seller of all the requirements 100%. I was active on the Fiverr forum also. The last month I spent $10 to promote my gig, but the results weren't good 😞😞
I would be grateful to you if anyone give me a proper guidelines 🙏 

Thanks & Regard

Azmain  Rahman

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That seems to be normal, and not something you can help with. Gig impressions have been down 95-98% for me too for about 2-3 years now. Sharing your gig on social media has no effect on anything, unless your follower base is semi-big and interested, but not aware of your services.

There's really no fix for it that I know of. I have tried everything I can think of, and nothing has helped.

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Hello Fiverr forum community.🖐️
I hope you are all doing fine. I have a question to you guys. I have been switched on gets brief option (Please check this attachment below) since when we get that option.
But I didn't get any new order brief from the last 3 months. Is there any one help me & explain the reason why this was happening?

Thanks in advance! 🙏


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