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There is a problem with my gigs

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You could just wait until Fiverr CS responds. They should be able to reactivate any gigs that should be reactivated. Really it does seem a bit of an error for it to say 7 denied gigs but when you look it shows no gigs in the denied section. You could try removing cookies and logging in again and seeing if that helps.

Normally if you just became inactive for long enough (6 months?) I'd think it should just just pause your gigs.

One issue I see is that in your "...custom discord server" gig you gave your discord ID out in the FAQ section and said, in the FAQ, that you were contactable there.

The Fiverr Terms of Service says that all necessary exchange of personal info for an order needs to be on the order page, so you shouldn't give off-site contact details out in the gig description/FAQ etc. or the inbox. They might have denied your gig because of that.

Also in your "...edit your videos magnificently within 3 hours" gig all your gig description was in Hebrew I think. Fiverr rules say all gig descriptions must contain English (though you are allowed to add text in other languages too as long as it contains the English version). So maybe that gig could have been denied because of that. That gig's title was practically the same as your other gig where you say you'll edit them in 4 hours - so maybe the titles/services were too similar.

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