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Getting the buyers to rate the order


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I’m not a fiverr newbie, I’m a top seller with many orders in queue.

But I have a problem that gets me frustrated every day.

A lot of my buyers never bother to rate my service.

Even if they said they’re VERY happy with my job and just want me to fix “this and that” - they eventually disappear with the final work without leaving feedback (well, in about %30 of the cases).

Do you have some tips to get them to rate my service?

I see many sellers that (I think) get rated from (almost) every buyer, so I feel I’m doing something wrong.

Any tips?


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I’d like suggestions for this as well. Just had someone come back and order more squirrel messages and tell me that they were so happy with the first and the recipient loved it. But they had never left a review of the first order.

Now I am doing 3 more orders and I’m hoping they decide post a review this time.

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I normally include this in my delivery message: Please just send me a message if there is anything else I can do for you. If all is well, would you please close and rate the order for me? Thank you very much.

Not everyone wants to post a review for various reasons but sometimes it does help if you ask 🙂

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Reply to @pdfhelper:

Of course I ask them to.

Lately I’m not even delivering the final video (I deliver low quality video) asking them to rate before I deliver the HD video, and giving them the option to say “I don’t want to rate” and get the video anyway.

It still doesn’t always help, they sometimes take the draft quality and disappear, and I have no doubt they like it.

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