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"Hit and run" Buyers


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Hello fellow Fiverrific friends, my first Fiverr forum post here!

So I guess for my first post I’ll share a story or two from my Fiverr adventures.

I’ve gotten a few run-ins with lemons who order from me on occasion.

Each situation is different, but below is one example (I call him the “hit and run buyer”)

  1. A customer contacts me (or just orders the gig straight up).
  2. I’ll discuss the project with them, and/or promise to get to work on the order right away.
  3. After a few days of working on it, I’ll send off the completed version.
  4. Usually I get a response right after I do that. But in this case, I didn’t receive a response.
  5. Days later the deadline expires, which allows them to cancel. I then send them a reminder/checkup to see if they are happy with the work, or if they need it changed or re-done.
  6. Usually few hours (or sometimes days) go by.
  7. Then I get a nice little notice in my email that “Seller has canceled order 010101 due to late delivery”.
  8. I then contact the buyer, asking if he had made a mistake (he never responded back).
  9. After that, I contact Fiverr support (the best support team I’ve ever known or heard of), and give them the low down of the situation.
  10. Fiverr support removed the negative feedback, and the situation was over with.

    Another instance:

    Most recently I had a customer order from me, but I was very busy, as it was Christmas time. Here is what happened:
  11. I asked for an extension of the deadline (up to the 26th), and offered him an extra gig free of charge to make up for the delay.
  12. I worked my tail off on this gig Christmas evening (he ordered my extra too), and I delivered it around 12:30am December 26th.
  13. But then about 2 days later I get a request from him to cancel the order. He stated that I ‘delivered it too late, and that it was not was he was seeking’.

    Oh well… 😦

    On a side note, does anyone have ideas or tips on what I can do to streamline my process of delivery, possibly to help prevent situations like these?

    Other than the occasional lemons, the customers on Fiverr are great.

    Work has been slow lately, but I guess it doesn’t help that I’ve not updated or refreshed my gigs in a long time.

    Probably because I’m a serial procrastinator (shhh, I’ll get over it!).

    I enjoy working with all non-lemon clients, and my overall Fiverr experience is a great one. I really look forward to working with many more cool clients in the future!

    This is a great forum, and I look forward to being an active part of it 🙂

    Fiverr on!

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Guest tn5rr2012

Sorry you had these negative experiences but you seem to have many more positive ones. I try and focus on the positive and negate the naysayers

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Reply to @madmoo:

Thanks for the welcome!

It’s a practice I decided on doing a while ago. Instead of delivering the work without knowing that they approve of it, I’ll send them the work first. Once I know they like the work and don’t need a revision, I’ll then deliver the gig by thanking them for ordering.

I don’t exactly know if this is the best option, but I sometimes worry that they might leave negative feedback before giving me a chance to resolve the matter with them.

Is this practice a good one to follow, or should I just deliver the gig instead?



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Guest integritymedia

I just bought a gig. It had 293 enthusiastic positive feedback comments, and only two negatives. With the negative feedback, this seller responded back kindly, saying they had just needed to contact her for help. The message when it was delivered said to contact her if I needed to. Also, that getting positive feedback was important to her. With the files she sent, there was another note saying “read me first” explaining again to contact her if I’m not satisfied. I haven’t opened the files yet, but definitely, I know if I contacted this seller she would resolve any issues.

I think she has a good system of running her business. I would do the same and just deliver product making it clear you would help them if there’s a problem.

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