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Did the order page (for buyers) change much recently?



Hey all!

I was debating putting this straight into the ranting pot - but it's really more of an observation/question (and I reckon reading a similar topic a couple of days ago as well.)

I'd ran into a couple of interesting situations lately (they do seem to be with newish buyers). The first one ended in a cancellation (for...several reasons, apparently they didn't think the quality of the work was good AND I was late several times(?) I was NEVER late - I did deliver CLOSE to the deadline but that was because 1. the buyer filled out the order form incorrectly and took three days to reply to me (so I couldn't get started with writing) and 2. I sent through a sample of writing and...they never replied (so I had to continue without them getting back to me.) 

This made me wonder if the countdown to delivery (the actual deadline) isn't visible for buyers as much as before anymore?

Yesterday, similar thing happened - I got a custom order a week back or so - I've started on it already, but delivery is in 11 days, so wasn't in too much of a hurry. I got the dreaded message of 'Can I cancel this order? This is taking too long.' 

(this one we figured out - they did say they thought that the deadline was in a week and not 17 days, but even then when you click on the order...can't you see that there's x days left, not hours?) I do realise people have been particularly stressed (and also realise my work is not the bestwritingevernomistakeswillbemade kind of thing and crap does happen, but it's a bit odd to me that people don't seem aware (and several of them, I think it'd happened prior to this as well) of when to actually expect the work... 


Did something change, or are people just overstressed/cranky? 

(I also noticed that sending messages / updates through the order page doesn't always give a notifications to buyers so I've been messaging them regularly as well, but still..)

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