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11 minutes ago, maurice_low said:

how much tips must I give upon completion of project?

Tipping is optional.

5. How do I leave my seller a tip?

Once an order is marked as "Completed," you have the option to leave a tip for your seller. The tip option will stay open for 7 days after the order has been completed. There are 3 tip options available—one to give your seller a custom tip. The other options are to leave a review of your seller's work, or to simply say "thanks." 


6. How much can I tip my seller?

The limitations below are in place to prevent fraud.

  • The minimum amount of a tip is $5
  • For orders below $25, the tip can be up to $25
  • For orders above $25, the tip can be up to 100% of the price of the order

Once you click Tip Now, the tip amount will be deducted from your Fiverr balance. If there are no funds in your Fiverr balance, you will be redirected to the payment page.

The above is from the Help Centre.

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Here's a link to the Help Center article quoted above: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360049982453-How-do-I-tip-my-seller?segment=buyer

Just as an FYI, when you tip, you WILL have to pay Fiverr's standard fees on it. A $5 tip would cost you a bit more than $7. (Also, the Seller would only get $4.)

Again, you are NOT required to tip.

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First off you are not required to leave a tip. If you do, Fiverr will take their fee from it. This could change, but as of now, this is how it works. 

Tips are a good activity to do, but if it is me, I will only tip if it's something that really "wows" me and the seller goes above and beyond. If you are a seller and looking for more tips, this is something you can do. Go above and beyond for the buyers.

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