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Can we post our art on the forums?



Not art for clients from Fiverr, but in general. And, if you CAN share your art here, what forum thing would we be able to do that on? I'd love a place to see other people's finished works whether from fiverr or other sources, and would love to be able to share mine as well, but I don't think I have seen a spot for it yet and I did not want to get in trouble for posting if I shouldn't be lol.

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Yes, you can!! 
You can post your Art work on Casual Conversation, for critics & discussion about your art.
Also can post on My Fiverr GIg as a promotion of your services/gigs. 
Welcome to Fiverr Forum, looking forward to seeing your artworks on the forum.

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6 hours ago, rwsadat said:

Here, In the Fiverr community, We all are sellers like you. No one will help you to be successful. You need to handle yours.

I don't think you really understood the question, or maybe you just did not read it. No where did I ask for someone to help me be successful. I am asking if it is okay to share art on the forums directly - as in, asking to see other's art, and also showing my own art, because as artists, a lot of us enjoy being able to talk about art and consume art with one another. You know, that whole thing about fostering a good community and sharing the love? It has nothing to do with 'success' and everything to do with healthy socializing with peers.

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