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I am done with fiverr


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Today, I received a letter from Fiverr:

Hi beyondwebpros,

Unfortunately, based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level Two status. Therefore, we have removed the Level Two badge from your account, along with the features that came with it.

There is nothing we would like more than to see you succeed on Fiverr, and truly hope that you’ll get back in the game soon. For more information, please contact our customer support team here: http://fiverr.com/support.

Best of luck,

The Fiverr Team


And here’s my reply:

So what? You can remove my account if you like. From Top Seller down to level 1 means I am no longer interested selling in Fiverr. In fact, I don’t care if people order my gigs these days…

I have lost my passion and drive for Fiverr. I have completed 3988 gigs since I started but you still have no system for filtering crap sellers and buyers. All you care about is money and your lousy BS system. I am done with you.

I will never again give a penny to you guys out of commissions. I have moved forward and earning income some place else. I am proud to have left fiverr for good.

Good luck.



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I wonder what Fiverr means when they say

"Unfortunately, based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level Two status - "

I looked at beyondwebpros account and one gig has orders in que so buyers are ordering. What type of activity is Fiverr talking about? Anyone know?

If not getting orders is the type of activity fiverr is talking about we are all in trouble 🙂

I wish these things were clarified more by fiverr.

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Guest celticmoon

I’m just supposing here, but except for 1 gig, it appeared that most of his gigs don’t offer a basic $5 service or product, which is a requirement of selling on Fiverr. The gig descriptions don’t say what a buyer will get for buying 1 gig/$5, just to message him/her before ordering, in caps & highlighted.

Fiverr has been known to demote TRS without warning, and the reason has been discussed in the forums, but no one knows for sure. Many people think it’s because there are only a limited number of TRS slots, and once a seller has made sales in the thousands, Fiverr bumps them down in order to give another seller a chance to move up for a while. The difference here, though, is that the other cases I read about were left at Level 2, so for some reason they dropped @beyondwebpros down to Level 1, and I don’t see another reason for that but what I wrote above.

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I won’t make you people guess. It’s the cancellation ratio that brought my Levels down from Top Rated (got this in 7 months) and had this badge for 2 years. Then some time last year, it dropped to Level 2, then Level 1, then NO level at all in one same day! All because of that stupid “cancellation ratio”.

What’s wrong with cancelling the order if the money was returned to the customer? In Business, you can’t say YES to everyone, and I’m referring to those people who order for $5 and think they own your ass, soul and the world.

For 2 years I’ve been Top Rated and worked hard for “my” business. It’s supposed to be “our” business, dear Sellers!

I’ve attached my Revenues screenshot and I challenge all Top and Super Sellers to do the same and flaunt your success here in the Forum so we all know who really is the Top and Super, and not merely by subjective selection by amateur Administrators who don’t even know how to sell.

Just for fun: To all hackers out there, “PLEASE HACK MY ACCOUNT”. It’s all yours!

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By the way, you show as Level 1 again.


And while $20K per year certainly counts as successful…

…there are Sellers here who are making HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS per year!

My point being: $20K per year does NOT mean Top Seller nor Super Seller, merely due to Sales.

And finally…

> …or Fivertron Schmuck


Ok, I guess if you’re pissed at a company… and it happens to be Israeli… the best you can do is quote insults in Yidish (spelling?).


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He is just simply trying to explain that ones someone without reading or without understanding Good English buys your gig…

you are forced to sell him an apple for the orange he wants or decline the order and eventually lose status.

This has nothing to do with being thankful to Fiverr it simply explains the ilogic system that Fiverr is using atm…

A winning concept is one that uses a flexable structure enable to learn from feedback to become stronger bigger and better.

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Thank you for those who understood my point. And for those who didn’t, such as @regency85 A.K.A. “Close-minded Fiverr Pet Schmuck”, here’s one for you:


This was posted June 5 by Fiverr. I’m sure they’ve seen this post because I noticed my nasty and brutal word was changed to “fragglesrock”.

So you people can now celebrate! Still, I have moved forward and earning really great income from other sources. I have said my piece and I believe this has helped a LOT of sellers! God bless all of you!

Time to put my gigs to rest. So long Fiverr and THANK YOU for giving this greatest gift to your greatest ASSEST … YOUR SELLERS!!!


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