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I'm a LEVEL TWO Seller but lately having very low selling, Need Advice


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Hi all. I'm a Fiverr Seller since November 2018 and already had a total nett income of $13.349 ever since. I offer job for architecture and interior renderings. I have been able to maintain my rate on 4.9. On the month of October because of a miss understanding with the buyer, two buyers gave me 2.7 rate and my star went down to 4.7. This month January my rate went up again to 4.9 stars because I have multiple orders of 5 stars on November and December 2021.

But this month, I hardly have anyone inbox me for job order. Just one and two return buyers that's giving me a job order. Anyone can relate to this? I need advice on how to get more buyers for my gig. Thank you so much.

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