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I am doing new work here, I am not getting any order, what needs to be done?


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Welcome to Fiverr!

You need to know a simple think before you could create gigs that attractive "Supply and Demand". It always about "Supply and Demand".

So here you could try to check about your gigs:

  1. Do you have any demand about your service? Try to search, if there are quite competitor that has success and has good review, that you in right niche.
  2. Check your competition last order. Does it order repeatly? If Yes, good sight for your gigs.

If two of them YES, then you could tweak your gigs more better

  1. Check your SEO. Are you using right keyword?
  2. Check your thumbnail. Does it show How It Work?, What they get?, What did you done?
  3. Check your desc. Does it answer all your potential client/customer?
  4. Check your profile desc. Does it show that you are capable to do it amazing job? Show them that you are good enough.
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