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You can't ever have the guarantee a buyer won't cancel. However generally speaking, they won't. Unless your communication is bad & you aren't delivering what you agreed upon (or worst case scenario the buyer is a scammer). What you can do is incorporate Milestones in your order, so you (and the buyer) have the assurance you're on the right track and you'll get paid in steps. Read more about it here: Working with Milestones

44 minutes ago, srennielsen said:

And how do I limit orders on my gig because this might take 7 days

When you click on the 'Gig' tab above and then click on the gig you want to limit the orders from. Here's a clearer explanation how you're able to do that: https://www.fiverr.com/support/articles/360010619738-Limiting-Orders-in-Queue

Hope this helped and good luck with this big & long project! 

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You should not worry about this as long as you deliver something your client wants. Yes, there are corrupt buyers like there are bad people everywhere. But they are few. And Fiverr has its way to handle them.
>>> Just do your job according to the client requirements
>>> Always keep good communication and update your client regularly about your work
>>> Always maintain your professionalism, especially when you talk with them. You know how good customer support talks, like that way.
>>> Deliver in time. If you need extra time, just ask your client nicely. Show him a valid reason.
If the buyer tries to mistreat you I mean cancel the order even if you deliver the right one which you are concerned with, don't worry. Fiverr customer support is there. If you can show them proof(Save your work regularly) that you were doing it properly, they will help you.
[ Tip: Always use milestones for big projects ]

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