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Not getting orders


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At one point, every seller has been in your situation including me.
What you can do to overcome this situation is :
1. Research about other gigs on your category and try to create a unique gig that will grab buyer attention.

2. Do SEO on your gig and make sure you have all the target keywords on your Gig title, description and tags. (I personally follow SEO and other tips from Mike Nardi and here is a link for you to get an idea : Fiverr SEO Tip to Improve Fiverr Gig Ranking - YouTube )

3. You get 10 Buyer requests a day so try to craft a request that is personalized and unique to buyer's requirements. Try sending as much as you can and see how it will change your gig performance!

4. Stay online! Most the buyers look for sellers that are online and are available to talk at the moment they login to the fiverr website. So keep your response rate up and stay online.

5. Follow all these points and be patient. You will definitely get there and all your hard work will pay off in the end!

Good luck!

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In my mind,

An article with topic research, references, unlimited revisions, 24 hours delivery time only for usd 5 very cheap. 

My opinion, A professional buyer always has smart budget. People who buy, most of them believe low price doesn't always mean low quality service when you are an established online seller. 

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