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Improve my gig


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These are my suggestions:

Gig: I will do complete design and customization on wordpress website
In the gig description:
"From this Gigi, I'm offering:" could be "From this gig I'm offering:" Or "In this gig I'm offering:'.

In the basic package "I will install your desire theme" could be "I will install your desired theme"

In the FAQ section:
"I will suggest you buying a domain and hosting." could be "I suggest you buy a domain and hosting." in answer 2.

But that doesn't answer their question. Their question in the second sentence was "Where can I buy domain and hosting?" and your answer hasn't answered where they can buy it. So you could change it so it does or alter the question.

Your 3rd gig image says "WrodPress Premium Theme" instead of "WordPress Premium Theme".

In the profile:
In the skills section:
"wordperss" could be "wordpress"

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