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I'm very happy to be here!


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Hello all.

I'm Julia Schreiner, from Brazil. I graduated and worked as an Engineer for more than 25 years, but then that was not an option anymore, and I needed to 'reinvent' myself.  Knowing that I wanted to do something on the writing category without knowing what exactly, I started on Fiverr about three months ago with one gig, as an experiment. Then I added two more gigs, and last month my first order came! I was so thrilled! Now I just completed my seventh order and I couldn't be happier. I can see this is a place I can thrive.

I'm studying a lot to start a new career, and I want to make improvements on my gig offers, I want better and more focused gig offers in this new career.

As I was exploring the Fiverr website, again, I found this forum and decided to present myself. I'll be lurking around a little, and I hope I can engage in some interesting conversations.

See you around!


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