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Buyer / Seller real name


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I am seller here on fiverr. It is seen that buyer is just using shortcut name (even which is not meaningful) and couldnt recognize whether the buyer is He OR She. When answering politely just we have to say hello buyer only. Why this is so. Why they are not using their real name while communication.

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"why are they not using their real name "

  • Said "ssvvdd17"

    You see how this post doesnt make sense?

    First of all who cares what your or mine real name is?

    Do my name affects the quality of my work?

    Would you get a better deal if my name was “banana123” or “Ms Best deal”?

    Names are useless on the internet.

    I have been on the net a long time to know that the best thing is to use a nickname/alias.

    Never give out your personal info , name , phone number etc.


    Most ppl dont know how social networks work and what they do with your info.

    Have you ever read any social network sites terms of service etc?



    Also the whole gender think i can understand, there are creeps out there who just want to contact girls because they lonely. There might be a few girls that do the same with guys but the higher % goes to the men creeping out girls.

    So if i am a girl , i would not use my picture on the profile pic, not my real name or anything personal.

    same thing if i was a guy, but thats just me.

    But not worry my friend, for $5 i will track the users location , give you their full details ( name , pics , address and #) only on fiverr. HA
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