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Gig Declined

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I am a newbie to Fiverr and submitted a gig in the Lifestyle forum offering my services... the gig was denied without much direction as to what needed fixing .  So I submitted another gig however that too was denied.  I contacted customer support and they told me that if the first gig is denied then I would not be able to submit another one in the same forum... This was very disconcerting to me.  Is there anyone in the community whose gig was denied and was able to resubmit.  I felt that this was completely unfair though... couldnt they offer suggestions as to how to improve and afford you an opportunity to rectify the situation rather than shutting it down.  I had looked at others in the same niche and patterned my gig to theirs.... so why is it that theirs made it and mine didn't ... smh

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8 hours ago, davidlindsay648 said:

I felt that this was completely unfair though

This is Fiverr's site. They have the right to approve, or deny, gigs before they are posted. Perhaps your denied gig was not appropriate for the Fiverr marketplace. 

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