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6 minutes ago, kc_animator said:

create maximum 7 gig in short time.

Sigh. Where does this mindset come from that you must immediately make 7 Gigs and you'll start getting orders. Weird. I have 3 Gigs that works much better than 7 random Gigs all offering the same thing. You don't have to make 7 unless 7 is absolutely necessary to offer all the different services you offer effectively.

What you actually need to focus on is quality over quantity. There is no use making 7 Gig's if not one of them is going to convince potential buyers to purchase any of them, or they're all completely unrelated and buyers don't understand what you area of expertise actually is.

I'd recommend looking though the forums for useful content, there is lots about from reputable long term sellers available.

Then, think about what you would want to see before purchasing a Gig. What would make you confident that the seller is going to deliver the quality that you want? Have a look at some other sellers in your niche and get some inspiration on what they're doing well to promote themselves, and then make it your own and apply it to what you offer. What makes your service stand out? Then focus on establishing credibility and showcasing your skills. Create a good portfolio that gives a realistic impression of what buyers will get when they purchase your Gig.

Also, think about the way you interact with potential customers. The way you word things is super important. Humas communicate mostly through body language, and we can't do that over messages online. So the way you present yourself is crucial.

You have the option of buyer requests to get going if you want to go down that route. Personally, I avoid them like the plague as they're 99% severely underpaid and generally the people posting them aren't the best experience to partner with.

Once you start getting your first few orders, I found that things took of pretty quickly after receiving positive feedback. If you keep doing things right, the Fiverr algorithm rewards you by pushing your Gigs out to more and more people.

I could continue forever, but essentially, you will be as successful as you want to be as long as you put the effort in and are willing to learn and improve.

Good luck!

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36 minutes ago, rifatjamann said:

stay online,,,  7 gig published , send 10 buyer request

Wow! The magic formula to being successful as a freelancer! If only I knew to stay online, publish all 7 Gigs and spam 10 buyer requests! :classic_ohmy:


Can we stop normalizing giving bad advice to new members. This is exactly the same reason why we see 10+ posts a day from the same new members saying they've followed these completely ineffective steps and still have zero orders.

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