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Achievement: 50 Reviews On Fiverr.✌️


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Hello Everyone...
Recently, I have achieved 50 Reviews On Fiverr.✌️  And I really very happy with that...

But The ratio of the new order is really very bad... I think I have to improve my gigs in the correct way because I already update my gigs once but it's not helping me...
So I'll be grateful for your advice... Gig link

Razu Ahammad


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My two suggestions that come popped up in my mind as soon as I opened your gig are:

  1. Add a picture of yourself in the gig gallery, not the usual "random guy pointing at stuff.jpg" taken from stock or even worse, from royalty free databases.
  2. Enhance the grammar/spacing/capitalization of letters and words in the gig description. First impression is EVERYTHING.
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