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How do rank my fiverr gig


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1 hour ago, kashemk76 said:

How do rank my fiverr gig. I am new in fiverr. 

Please help me 

There are thousands of other sellers who have asked the same question before on this forum. Why don't you search a bit on the forum and read some of those topics before you post the same question?


13 minutes ago, rodrigollorca said:

Is that really good for something ?? I think it is better to go for leads and send personalized messages. I am not an expert on this but it is my way of thinking. Greetings

Not really. Sharing (by sharing they mean spamming worthless Facebook groups) won't get you any more sales. 

I mention it in this post, as an example of bad advice given by new sellers who have no success of their own: 


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