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  1. Why fiverr not approve some seller profile now days
  2. Alhamdulillah within few moths, i have completed 11 th order and achieving good reviews from clients. On the way to Level-1 batch in the next 15th August.
  3. My All Gig's Impression is down day by day. I share all the gig's in social media but not improve. I not find the problem?
  4. If I change Fiverr Gig Package Price, Is there any issue with gig ranking or impression?
  5. Hi great Fiverr sellers, please I don't the reason why my gig which was in frist page having click bit not have single message or order. Please check https://www.fiverr.com/s2/e3b912e93a
  6. Please help me,I write a gig about 5fsys ago now and it's in newest arrival.how many day will gig will move from newest arrival to relevance page?
  7. 5 months after returning from the gig. I started the promoted option. My gig was always on the first page when it was ranked, but now 3 days after the gig was on the first page I can't find the gig anymore. Promotions are running and clicks are coming in and dollars cuts are going from the promotion. But can't find the gig, please help. MY GIG LINK: 1. https://www.fiverr.com/sumon369/design-facebook-ads-fb-cover-banner-or-post-images 2. https://www.fiverr.com/sumon369/create-a-twitter-header-facebook-cover-photo-fb-banner Thank you so much!!
  8. if i delete my gig my review is also leave
  9. Hi Everyone, I am a Level Two seller and this is my first post on the Fiverr forum. On August 2021 my top gig become derank and disqualified from the promoted feature. My all reviews were 5 stars and the performance was good as well. I waited around 3 months to get ranked again and try to find clients on social media. But now it's more than 1 year and my gig never comes back and getting only 1 or 2 daily impressions and also disqualified from promoted feature. I am constantly working on and updating this gig but all in vain. I created a lot of new gigs by doing proper SEO but none of the gigs gets more the 5 impressions. I think the problem is with my account because none of my new gigs get ranked even after the complete optimization. I am really confused about what should I do now. Where is the problem? Thank you in advance!
  10. I just want to know that- If I search for my gig using my keyword, is there any problem?
  11. Please I need help, What are the Top 5 tips to ranking a Fiverr Gig?
  12. I have a question that according to the new policy of fiverr gig image is it allow to use pointing male or female characters or images in the fiverr gig like the sample attached?????
  13. what should i do ?😥 Please suggest I am disappointed😥
  14. Hello there, I am a new seller on fiverr and worked few projects on fiverr. But recently and most probably after 14 of august my all gigs are down from 2k-5k impression now i am having 200-300 impression and no clicks. So all over my all fiverr profile is down. My gigs are now in last pages, What should i do, Can i contact to Fiverr Support? or what action i need to take now?
  15. I'm Ashek, I am a professional digital Marketer and ads specialist. I am a new seller on Fiverr. Waiting for valuable response. Thank you
  16. Recently My One Gig which was able for promotion since 1 year. That is unqualified till 13days. For that My Account totally down. SO Should I turn it off now and do some marketing on GIg?? WHat's the best option ??
  17. When I go to check the buyer's request. I don't see any buyer requests. My account was opened in 2021. I started working after almost 1 year. I can't get a job anyway. There are total 20 reviews. Now I am not getting any buyer requests. What can I do in such a situation? help me
  18. Am a seller on fiverr but also struggling to get to first page. My impression is down 🥺 I don't know what's wrong https://www.fiverr.com/dmarketingkay/promote-redbubble-store-teespring-clickbank-affiliate-link-shopify-marketing-usa?utm_campaign=gigs_show&utm_medium=shared&utm_source=copy_link&utm_term=9j6bqd
  19. I am a new seller on Fiverr I have a lot of knowledge about digital marketing then I want to create a gig and rank my gig now what I do for creating a Fiverr,Thank You.
  20. How Can i Rank My Gig on Number 1st or 2nd Page in Background Removal services ? I regularly share my gig on social media platform and blog and others platform. Send buyer request .... I am a Level 1 seller with fiverr choice badge and 33 order Complete with 5 star rating on background remove 200 tags on search.... But i want to rank my gig on background remove services. What can i do now? My gig Link for More Details.
  21. Hello Everyone, I'm new to fiverr. I have published some gig. Can anyone help me with how to rank gigs and get orders quickly? Thanks.
  22. How do you use and manage your fiverr gig promoted option? And how you are getting orders through this feature. Please mention the good and bad aspects.
  23. Hi, I open my account 2019 as a Graphic Designer. But I got only 30 works and these are from one client. I delivered the last work 2 months ago. Please suggest me how can I improve my profile and get more work?
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