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  1. Can a gig with a single negative review get orders in the future? What is your opinion?
  2. How Can i Rank My Gig on Number 1st or 2nd Page in Background Removal services ? I regularly share my gig on social media platform and blog and others platform. Send buyer request .... I am a Level 1 seller with fiverr choice badge and 33 order Complete with 5 star rating on background remove 200 tags on search.... But i want to rank my gig on background remove services. What can i do now? My gig Link for More Details.
  3. Hello Everyone, I'm new to fiverr. I have published some gig. Can anyone help me with how to rank gigs and get orders quickly? Thanks.
  4. How do you use and manage your fiverr gig promoted option? And how you are getting orders through this feature. Please mention the good and bad aspects.
  5. Hi, I open my account 2019 as a Graphic Designer. But I got only 30 works and these are from one client. I delivered the last work 2 months ago. Please suggest me how can I improve my profile and get more work?
  6. I hope I would get to learn and create professional connections as it relates to virtual assistance performing data entry tasks for small and medium-term manufacturing companies? Kindly note that; Looking forward to meeting my first client and you'd be amazed at my fantastic deliveries.
  7. I am new on Fiverr. For some reason, I couldn't be active much after gig creation. Now my gig impressions are nearly zero. I think Fiverr has thrown it like garbage. What should I do now? Should I delete the gig and create a new one? Zero orders on the gig. Expect expert suggestions.
  8. Hello, seniors am a beginner in Fiverr. I earn good impression but no clicks. I changed the gig thumbnail many time but no clicks in my gig. Which is the main factor to put in the gig thumbnail and can you say what is the best background colour for YouTube related gig thumbnail. Thank you:)
  9. Who much CPC is going on Fiverr for Promoted Gigs? & How much CPC is best for Promoted Gigs?
  10. how do i set video thumbnail as primary view in fiverr gig
  11. If you want to rank your gig on fiverr. These are a few hacks that can really help you. You need to be 100% in all of the four main standards. Response rate Order Completion On time Delivery Rating The response time should be around 1–2 hours. 2. Optimize your gig for related keywords. Gig Title Keywords Tags Use keywords 3–4 times organically in gig description. 3. Upload a gig explainer video. A gig video explaining your services. 4. Promote your fiverr gig on social media. Bring in the business from outside of fiverr. It helps you get ranked as well. 5. Stay online via fiverr app most of the time. Fiverr loves when their sellers are online most of the time. They get most of the orders. 6. Create more gigs relevant to your niche. Create at least 4–5 gigs related to your niche. Use high quality gig images.
  12. I completed 6 orders on a gig, But why show 5 here?
  13. I'm curious to know how to boost my Fiverr account ranking? I have been facing a huge downfall in my orders since last four months and worried about whether all these things are temporary or my ranking will get recovered after some time? Note: I have already replaced my old gigs with new but the problem is still there. Here is my account
  14. Does being active in the forum increase gig impressions?
  15. I have published a new gig. I can share this gig inside fiverr forum
  16. .I’ve just set up a gig on Fiverr, and since nothing is really happening I was hoping I could get some feedback from this community Here's the URL : https://www.fiverr.com/s2/19ca55e40b
  17. How to make different gig in fiverr?
  18. Hello guys kindly anybody can help me i created a video for fiverr gig image but when i upload it on fiverr gig that's video thumbnail is not our gig main image i want to change i fixed many time this video i placed my main image at the start of video but that's method also not working. at last i got my ranking down now i think i changed many time my gig image that's why my gig ranking is now down i was on first page of my best keywords please help me how can i solve this both issues that is my gig link: https://www.fiverr.com/share/pyX3bp
  19. I was just wondering to have a course from Fiverr. So I want to learn that will that course completion badge be appeared on my profile and my clients can see it or not?
  20. Hello, I am new here. I am successfully created a gig and first few days my gig impression was increasing. But now it is going down . What should i do ? -Samir
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